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With the upgraded high back, we've unlocked the potential for deeper carves.

Sporting a 1.5cm higher heel cup compared to its counterparts, it's a game-changer for enhanced control and minimizing drag. With a plethora of adjustment features, dialing in the finer settings to match various terrains and riding styles is now a breeze.

Last year's switch to super-tough nylon for the highback brought not only resilience but also an expanded range of motion. Increasing the lower thickness has amped up the response, striking a perfect balance between responsiveness and flexibility, creating a binding that's both reactive and agile.

And let's talk Boost FootOn – elevating it by 4mm more than your standard footbed not only facilitates lightning-quick maneuvers but also ensures a rock-solid edge. It's the kind of setup that marries precision with performance, delivering the ultimate in snowboard binding finesse

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Buffalo Highback

It is characterized by two pillars that look like buffalo horns. Supports the flat high back surface from both sides. This season, the thickness of the two pillars has been increased, resulting in a shape that transmits power more directly to the board.

Super Tough Nylon

Medium flex material suitable for all-round use from low speed to high speed, beginner to expert.

Redux Lean Adjuster

Lighter due to smaller size. Easily adjustable with one action.

Micro Adjuster

If you move it forward one memory, it will lean forward approximately 2.5 degrees. More detailed high back settings are possible.


Super Transfer Baseplate

Thanks to the heel cup, which is approximately 15mm higher than the transfer base, the backside response is an order of magnitude higher. Also, it is difficult to drag.

Performance Blend

Medium flex for most all-round use. Compatible with all riding scenes.

Boost FootOn

The footbed has a cushion height that is 4mm higher than the previous FootOn. It prevents drag when turning, improves response when turning, and absorbs small vibrations. Of course, the surface is made of material that prevents snow from sticking.

Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion

Movable cushion that allows adjustment of toe side and heel site to suit boot size and board width.

4Corner Stabilizer

The stabilizer firmly and gently transmits the powerful power generated by the height heel cup to the board.

5Holes Highback rotation

Five highback mounting holes that allow rotation at both foot swing angles.

Super Tough Nylon

Medium flex material suitable for all-round use from low speed to high speed, beginner to expert.


Waffle Strap

A two-layer structure with a waffle cushion that provides a comfortable hold and ease of movement that you'll forget you're wearing it, and a Power Strap that transmits power directly.

Beer Buckle

A newly designed ratchet buckle that securely tightens until the last tightening. Comes with a bottle opener function so you don't have to worry about toasting.


In order to increase power transmission, the center line is made strong, and the upper and lower ends are made with increased flexibility for a better fit with boots.


Store the belt smoothly to avoid getting caught in the snow during toe-side turns.


UU Fit

A system that wraps the boots from 360° by attaching a strap belt between the heel cup and the high back. This provides a natural holding feeling and equalization of pressure.

Multi Disc

Multi-disc that can be installed on either 4x4 or 2H. It is also possible to install it by shifting it by 5mm or 10mm from front to back or from side to side.

Toolless Lever

The best settings can be made without tools. Comes with a stopper to prevent screws from loosening.