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23-24 models , Step On® Compatible


DS Step On®

DS Step On®

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Bring that comfort to FLUX too.

We've seamlessly integrated FLUX's flagship model, the DS, into the STEP ON® system.

By fine-tuning the hardness and twist of the highback and footbed cushion, we've created a binding that balances the comfort of the STEP ON® system with the playful ease of the DS.

From cruising down groomers to hitting powdery slopes and tearing it up in the park, you can enjoy the best snowboarding all day long without the hassle of constant strapping and unstrapping. FLUX just made it that much easier to ride in style!

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Resister Highback

By softening the torsion (twist) like the FLUX strap binding freestyle icon model "DS", we have expanded the range of movement from side to side, making it easier to create styles.

Super Tough Nylon

Medium flex material suitable for all-round use from low speed to high speed, beginner to expert.

STEP ON® Highback

High back system for attaching STEP ON® boots


STEP ON® Baseplate

Baseplate system for attaching STEP ON® boots


Made of material that prevents snow from sticking even in harsh environments. While enjoying the direct feel of the soles of your feet, it also provides the cushioning required for riding.

Reponsible Cushion

A hard EVA cushion is used for the cushion part of the footbed (under the plate where snow does not stick easily). This allows you to press firmly into the binding, making it easier to flex and stabilize the board, and making movements such as carving, ollies, and presses easier.

Adjustable Toe Cushion

Movable cushion that allows you to adjust the toe side according to boot size and board width.