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An entry-level model packed with FLUX's original features without holding back.

If you're starting snowboarding, this is the model for you. All the elements to enjoy the ride are packed right in here.

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Evo Highback

The high back has a symmetrical structure that makes it easy to ride. Light weight due to honeycomb structure.

Super Tough Nylon

Medium flex material suitable for all-round use from low speed to high speed, beginner to expert.

Micro Adjuster

If you move it forward one memory, it will lean forward approximately 2.5 degrees. More detailed high back settings are possible.


Disco Baseplate

Easy-to-handle middle flex structure with a suitable footprint with the board and improved stability.

Performance Blend

Medium flex for most all-round use. Compatible with all riding scenes.

Ez Bed

The structure is separate from the base plate, making it easy to change the toe positioning. 3-level adjustment function. Even after installation on the board, adjustments can be made by simply sliding it.

Adjustable Toe Cushion

Movable cushion that allows you to adjust the toe side according to boot size and board width.

Super Tough Nylon

Medium flex material suitable for all-round use from low speed to high speed, beginner to expert.


Honeycomb Strap Ver.2.0

The lightweight honeycomb shape provides excellent shock mitigation and provides a grip that feels like it wraps around your ankle.

Trigger Buckle

A relatively large new buckle that fits comfortably in your hand. Even riders who are not accustomed to ratchet operation can tighten firmly. The trigger part is thickened to an angle that makes it easier to catch and increases the strength against being stepped on.

FTM versa

Can be used 2-way, on the toe or instep, depending on your riding preference. By using flexible material, it is suitable for all types of boots.


UU Fit

A system that wraps the boots from 360° by attaching a strap belt between the heel cup and the high back. This provides a natural holding feeling and equalization of pressure.

Multi Disc

Multi-disc that can be installed on either 4x4 or 2H. It is also possible to install it by shifting it by 5mm or 10mm from front to back or from side to side.